About Us

Who we are

Jericho Walls is an interdenominational Christian prayer ministry that is committed to building a strong, broad-based prayer network to support the Church to fulfil its calling as a “house of prayer for the nations”.


To mobilise the Body of Christ to be a house of prayer for the nations.


To mobilise, inform and equip the Body of Christ to pray effectively for the fulfilment of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission for the advance of the Kingdom of God. This is done through the following:

To pray for revival worldwide.
To pray for world evangelisation (workers, funds, open doors and reaching the lost)
To pray for a harvest of souls.
To pray for global political stability, economic growth, social and moral reform and restoration on all levels, public as well as private.


To facilitate this vision we have set the following goals:

To help raise up and mobilise intercessors nationally and internationally.
To mobilise congregations nationally and internationally to be houses of prayer.
To establish prayer watches where people will pray night and day.


Co-ordination – Jericho Walls strives to help coordinate prayer networks, activities and initiatives in whatever way possible at national and international levels.
Mobilisation – Jericho Walls’s current focus is to mobilise entire congregations to pray and establish citywide and regional networks in addition to mobilising individual intercessors and small prayer groups.
Equipping and training – Prayer seminars are presented and literature and DVD’s distributed as a means to equip congregations to pray effectively.
International liaison – Jericho Walls is connected to many national and international prayer networks and initiatives.

Jericho Walls Prayer Initiatives

Jericho Walls Prayer Guide is a quarterly prayer guide available at R160.00 per year. Available in English and Afrikaans.  The electronic version is also quarterly available at R100 per year and sent out to you via email.
Prayer Seminars are presented around the country on request. Requests are referred to other organisations should we not be able to assist.
Books and pamphlets on prayer are distributed on a variety of prayer subjects. This material is suitable to equip Church members and congregations for prayer assignments.