Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October.  It is the night when most pagans honour the spirits of the dead, offer human sacrifices and make pacts and covenants with the demonic forces. Please pray that the Lord will silence the voices of the underworld so that witches, wizards, shamans, etc. will be unable to make contact with the spirit world.


Halloween originated among the ancient Celts of Europe and was called the festival of “Samhain” or “All Hallowtide”. It was a feast of the dead and started the evening of 31 October, signaling the end of harvest and the beginning of winter. 1 November was All Soul’s Day. It began on 31 October because in ancient times days were reckoned from evening to evening, rather than midnight-to-midnight as we do. This also signaled the beginning of the New Year for the Celts.

During the “turning” of the year, the “veil between the worlds” is believed to be at it thinnest and the living could communicate with the dead in their dwelling place. It is a time when deceased ancestors and other “friendly” spirits are invited to join in Sabbath festivals and be reunited with loved ones. The celebration of the dead honoured the god of the dead on this particular night.

It was also a time when faeries were active. Faeries were seen as those angels who did not side with either God or Lucifer and were condemned to walk the earth until judgment day. The Celtic people believed that chaos reigned during this night since it was neither one year, nor the other. It was a night of magic charms and divinations, reading the future and other rites.

“TRICK OR TREAT”:  People would imitate the faeries and go from house to house begging for treats since the belief is that spirits had to be appeased by giving them a type of worship and offering (food or milk). Failure to provide the treats would result in practical jokes being visited on the owner of the house such as: blocking the chimney, leading off cattle, throwing cabbages, etc. Another way to fool or scare away the evil spirits was to dress up to look like them. It was believed the spirits would bring them no harm then.

“JACK-O-LANTERN”:  Jack was an Irish scoundrel who liked to eat big red turnips. On Halloween day he trapped the devil in a tree and would not let him down until the devil promised Jack he would never live in Hell. The devil agreed. A year later Jack died. Because he did not believe in God, he did not go to heaven. The devil did not allow him in hell. To help Jack find his way back to earth, the devil gave him a fiery coal. Jack put this fiery coal in the lantern he carved from his big turnip. This first “Jack-o-Lantern” helped Jack find his way back to Ireland but never found it, forever roaming the earth with his lantern.

FIRE CEREMONIES: Halloween was one of the four great “Fire Festivals” of the Celts. All the fires in hearths were extinguished and then re-kindled from a central bonfire started ceremoniously by the druids. During this time the druids would wear animal skins and heads to disguise them from the spirits. The extinguishing of the fires symbolized the “dark half” of the year and the rekindling symbolized the return of hope. Fires or candles are left burning all night to honour and welcome the dead. The “Jack-o-lanterns”, gourds, cider, incense and gemstones are used as altar decorations. The candles are black and orange. Black cats were considered to be reincarnated beings with the ability to divine the future.

Druids (priests of the Celts) held the ceremonies of the feast in sacred places, such as forests, rivers, lakes and streams. Human sacrifices were part of the ceremonies.

SATANISTS HAS ADOPTED THE DRUID HIGH DAYS AND CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN AS FOLLOWS: 22-29 October – Satanists start Sacrifice preparations, 30 October – Satanic High Day – related to Halloween with human sacrifice, 31 October – All Hallow’s Eve – Blood and sex rituals with demons; animal or human sacrifices.

The early Christian Church tried to eliminate the Druid celebration by offering All Saint’s Day as a substitute. It was of no avail. Although the outward forms of such worship disappeared, the belief in these gods did not. In the Middle Ages open practices of witchcraft flourished. In the mid 1900′s paganism returned to the western world and the pagan feasts were re-introduced. The uninformed Christian has no idea that demonic spirits that are actually contacted and activated as people call out to them in jest or in seriousness. Every act around Halloween is in honour of false gods and spirits. To pray for the dead is totally against Scripture.


2 Tim 1:7 – God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.  Resist the spirit of fear that seems to surface in the time of Halloween and is enhanced by movies portraying either the occult or extreme situations of fear.

Deuteronomy 18:9-14: Do not imitate the detestable ways of the nations through sacrifice, divination, omens, witchcraft, casting of spells, mediums or consulting the dead. Resist the temptation to be drawn into seemingly harmless celebrations of this ancient demonic feast. If you were involved in the past, confess it. Ask the Lord for a revelation of His ways to people around you. Ask the Lord for forgiveness for the countless ways your town will be involved in this practice. Speak up and warn people of the danger of getting involved in any kind of occult practices. “Father God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I renounce any involvement my family, forefathers and I had with this practice of Halloween. I now cancel any covenants made with the spirit world and any worship we have given to Satan and his demons. I turn my back on this practice and ask you to cleanse me and my family with the blood of Jesus Christ Your Son.”

Isaiah 8:19 Should a people not consult their God? Why speak to the dead on behalf of the living? Call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Submit to His ways, and ask for a deeper revelation of His love. Ask Him to reveal to you His plan and purpose for your town and pray until He manifests His power in your area.

1 Chron 10:13-14.  

Consulting the dead is being unfaithful to God, and can result in judgment. Commit yourself and your family once again to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone.

Ask the Lord to expose all evil, especially on the night of Halloween, so that works of the kingdom of darkness will weaken.

Ask for protection for those targeted for human sacrifices.

Pray for all Christians to be protected against curses directed at them; pray especially for pastors, ministers and Christian leaders.

Pray for the salvation of many who practice the occult, that they will be confronted with the love, purity and holiness of God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Petition the Lord against the resurgence of serial killers, escalation of crime, especially violent crimes against children and women, tribal disputes, increased trade in narcotics and pornography, increased abortion, drought and spoilt harvests, financial destruction to the Church, calling up of spiritual forces to begin mass bloodshed and war in countries all over the world, evil forces meeting together to generate power to deceive the masses and the revival of the practice of magic, especially by teenagers and pre-teens.

Ask God to reveal HIMSELF TO THOSE WHO DO THESE EVIL DEEDS. Jesus also died for them on the cross!