Luke 10 Transformation (L-10-T)

Luke 10 Transformation (L-10-T) is a programme that leads all Christians from 3 to 100 years to a lifestyle of daily living their faith wherever they go! They follow Jesus’ instructions to the 70 unknown disciples in Luke 10 as a simple way of loving the people around them.

L-10-T involves daily prayer for people, places and tasks; identifying people who need Jesus’ salvation or need to return to Him and building relationships with them; meeting people’s needs through doing, encouraging or praying; and telling people about Jesus or doing all of the above on at least five people they know who needs the Lord. We call it Take Five!

L-10-T can be done by individuals in congregations, businesses, schools or in general in the marketplace.

Below you will find a menu of choices that will give you more information about L-10-T and how you can use it or get trained to do it. You will also find copies of training or trainer manuals for download. This is available in various languages.

You will also learn how you can partner with us to be the champion to start L-10-T in your country, city, town, community, congregation, business or school. Also how you can become a trainer (training others to L-10-T) or a master trainer (training trainers who will train others). You might want to make the vision possible through financial contributions.

In this way you will be part of our vision to equip 500 million Christians in every country of the world to reach out in their communities (their Jerusalems – Acts 1:8) to reach the lost and those in need with His love! We trust the Lord for 2 billion souls as this strategy unfolds across the earth!

Contact details: To contact us directly, please e-mail us at (Willem Joubert); (Francois Griebenow). E-mail works the best!
Telephone: Willem Joubert: +27 82 650 5684 (or SMS); Francois Griebenow: +27 82 824 3787; Brighton Chikwekweti +27 11 827 8037, +27 84 605 4810.


A. Die Wat en Hoe van die L-10-T hulpmiddele Hierdie dokument vertel watter L-10-T hulpmiddele daar is en hoe om dit te gebruik.

B. Die L-10-T Inligtingspamflet Hierdie 2 A4 dokument gee 'n oorsig oor L-10-T - wat dit is, wie dit kan gebruik, watter opleiding beskikbaar is, die L-10-T visie, ens.

C. Die Algemene L-10-T PP Aanbieding Hierdie PowerPoint Aanbieding gee 'n totale oorsig oor L-10-T. Dit word gewoonlik gebruik vir 1 tot 2 ure werkswinkels oor L-10-T.

D. Die L-10-T Inligtings- en Opleiersgids Die L-10-T Inligtings- en Opleiersgids vervul twee doelwitte: eerstens, om detail inligting te gee in verband met L-10-T en sy toepassing persoonlik, in 'n gemeente, besigheid en in stadstransformasie. Tweedens, om detailed inligting aan L-10-T opleiers te gee om hulle toe te rus om L-10-T opleiding te gee deur die verskillende opleidingsgidse te gebruik.

E. Die L-10-T Opleiers PP Aanbieding Die L-10-T Opleiers Opleiding PowerPoint word saam met die L-10-T Inligtings- en Opleiersgids gebruik. Dit dek dele B (Die les agter die les) en C (Geestelike impak van L-10-T) van genoemde gids.

F. Die L-10-T Volwasse Opleidingsgids Hierdie A5 gids is die kern van die L-10-T Opleiding vir Volwassenes (18 jaar en ouer).

G. Die L-10-T Volwasse Opleiding PP Hierdie PP Aanbieding bevat feitlik die hele volwasse opleidings-gids en word gewoonlik daarmee saam gebruik.

H. Die L-10-T Jeug Opleidings-gids Hierdie Opleidings-gids is vir jeug van omtrent 12 tot 18 jaar.

I. Die L-10-T Jeug Opleiding PP Hierdie is die PP om saam met die jeugopleidings-gids te gebruik.

J. Die NUWE Jeug Opleiding DVD Hierdie DVD is op die oomblik nog net in Engels! Dit bevat 4 opwindende stories van vier jongmense wie se lewens deur L-10-T verander is. Vir jeug van 12 tot 40 jaar jonk! Bevat ook 9 toepassingslesse. Afrikaanse jeug volg dit maklik.

K. Die Verkorte (4 A4) L-10-T Opleidingsgids Hierdie is 'n baie kort opsomming van die Volwasse en Jeug Opleidings-gidse in 4 A4s. Vir gebruik waar begrotings nie toelaat dat elkeen ‘n volle gids het nie.

L. Die L-10-T Hoe-Om DVD Hierdie DVD is die L-10-T inleidings-DVD met twee video’s op. Die eerste video is omtrent 13 minute lank en wys mense wat l-10-T doen en daaroor praat. Die tweede video is 30 minute en bespreek 5 Bybelse Beginsels waarop L-10-T gebaseer is, 4 Sleutel Besluite wat mense maak om L-10-T te doen en drie Aksie stappe om aan die gang te kom. Bestel by die L-10-T kantore.

M. Die L-10-T Opleidings DVD's Die 4 DVD's bevat die hele opleiding van die Volwasse L-10-T Opleidings-gids met baie getuienisse. Dit kan deur indiwidue, groepe en gemeentes gebruik word as hulpmiddel om deur die opleidings-gids te werk. Bestel die DVD van die Lukas 10 Transformasie kantore.


A. How to use the L-10-T Resources This document lists all the available resources and explains their use.

B. The L-10-T Information Pamphlet This pamphlet gives a short overview of L-10-T, what it is, what it does, who benefits, the ministry vision and a call for partners.

C. The L-10-T Programme & Implementation Overview The presentation is aimed at informing Christian leaders of countries, denominations, congregations, cities or communities about L-10-T. It shows the effect of L-10-T and how it is implemented. This presentation is used for 1-2 hour workshops.

D. The L-10-T Information and Trainers Guide This manual, firstly, gives more background information to application areas; secondly, practical information for trainers and, thirdly a look at the spiritual impact of L-10-T.

E. The L-10-T Trainer Training Powerpoint This presentation is for people being trained as L-10-T trainers. It covers parts B & C of the L-10-T Info and Trainers Guide - see D above.

F. The L-10-T Adult Training Manual This is the core L-10-T Training Manual.

G. The L-10-T Adult Training (Powerpoint) This PowerPoint contains virtually the entire training manual on PowerPoint. For use when training people L-10-T.

H. The L-10-T Adult Training (Powerpoint) This is a much shortened training manual for use with youth 12-18 years.

I. The L-10-T Youth Training PowerPoint This PowerPoint can be used with the Youth training Manual - see H above.

J. The NEW Your Training DVD This NEW and exciting DVD contains the entire training material for youth from 12 to 40 years! No separate training manual needed. Order from the Luke 10 Transformation office.

K. The Condensed L-10-T Training Manual This document is a condensed (4 A4 pages) version of the Adult and Youth training manuals. Only to be used where you really cannot supply each person with a training manual.

L. the L-10-T How-To DVD This is the introductory L-10-T DVD with two videos. The first is about 11 minutes and show people talking about and doing L-10-T. The second is 30 minutes and discusses 5 Biblical Principles upon which L-10-T is based, 4 Pivotal Decisions people should make to be able to do it, and 3 Action Steps to get started. Order from our offices.

M. The L-10-T Training DVDs The 4 DVDs contain the entire teaching of the Adult L-10-T Training Manual with many testimonies. It can be used by individuals, groups and congregation to work through the Training Manual. Order from the Luke 10 Transformation office.

N. The Integrated Marketplace Transformation Strategy This document describes a reason for and a suggested menu for implementation of an integrated marketplace transformation strategy for cities, congregations, organisations and individuals. It also explains how L-10-T is the core tool for such a strategy.


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