M5 – The blame game and the power game (20 April 2017)


The blame game and the power game

Tensions are ratcheting up over Syria.  A few weeks ago the U.S. bombed the Shayrat airbase in Homs, three days after a chemical attack in Idleb province killed more than 80 civilians.  Now, Russia and Iran and their allies are warning the U.S. about potential retaliation should similar further action occur in Syria.

Syria, Iraq and Yemen (including others) have become part of a blame game in a global power struggle. The end result is death and destruction for children and women (I always wonder why we leave out the men – don’t they also suffer?).

In the process truth has no value. Lies and demonstration of power is the seemingly concealed face of reality in these nations.


  • For truth to be revealed – the power struggles behind the scenes
  • For leaders filled with truth and integrity to get involved in the peace negotiations and for progress in these negotiations.
  • For men and women with evil intentions to fall into disgrace and to be removed from their positions of influence.


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