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August 2014

“Prayer, in its most basic form, is the surging of the human spirit in its weakness, grasping at the Spirit of God in His strength.”  Ravi Zacharias


  • 30 Days 30 Peoples Virtual Prayer Journey
  • 6-10 October 2014: 13th Watchman’s School of Prayer
  • 21 Days for Global Harvest
  • 24/7 Prayer: Infusing Manhattan with a Culture of Prayer
  • M5 – Pray for the Middle East
  • Boundless … the Whole World Praying
  • The Net Cardiff Prayer.

The 30 Days 30 Peoples Virtual Prayer Journey.  The 30 Days 30 Peoples Prayer Journey campaign seeks to provide crucial intercession for some of Africa’s unreached people groups. By subscribing to this initiative, you will receive a daily email for 30 days with an outline of prayer for one people group per day. Consider undertaking a virtual prayer journey through Africa (even this year, still) for the glory of God’s Kingdom.  READ MORE.

6-10 October 2014: 13th Watchman’s School of Prayer.  Five days of seeking God’s face for spiritual breakthroughs in our communities and cities. You will learn how to experience personal revival and have a deeper prayer life. There will also be practical tips and training on how to establish 24-7prayer in your local church or community. Much time is dedicated to prayer and worship, as well as to engaging the Lord personally in prayer. Testimonies from those in closed countries teach participants how to pray and persevere in difficult circumstances. The Watchman’s School of Prayer takes place in a beautiful retreat setting, and is a 5-day full-time course. READ MORE.


21 Days for Global Harvest is a prayer campaign to unify the emerging generation of believers in devoted prayer, fasting and intercession for personal revival, generational awakening, and global harvest in our lifetime. In cities and nations around the world, the emerging generation will seek the face of God for transformation.

We encourage individuals, local churches, campus ministries, and Bible Studies to commit to this season of prayer and fasting. There are many ways to use 21 Days in your setting, and we encourage creativity.

Participation might look like small groups from local churches, or campus ministries meeting each day for 30mins or more together seeking God for the fulfillment of the Great Commission in This generation.  READ MORE.

24/7 Prayer Initiative:  Infusing Manhattan with a Culture of Prayer . “God is moving. Right here in Manhattan.” Their vision is to see God unify those who believe in the hope of Jesus Christ from all groups and ministries, to cry out to God through prayer and worship, with the purpose of seeing the Great Commission fulfilled and to see revival come to this city.

They believe this vision may be accomplished by creating a context of prayer in which believers can come to a place and partner with the Holy Spirit in intercession. Second, by developing an atmosphere for the believers in Manhattan to unify together as a community of prayer. And ultimately, by forming a culture of prayer in which prayer, fasting, and intercession become standard – and the believers of Manhattan engage with God in a lifestyle of prayer.  READ MORE.

M5 – Pray for the Middle EastJericho Walls Prayer Network is looking for a 1000 people to pray for this region for at least 5 minutes twice a week.

The Middle East is in turmoil, full of bloodshed, violence, hatred and hopelessness. This is a region without peace and a Father. Jesus is the Prince of Peace and God is an Eternal Father.

In the midst of this tens of thousands of people are becoming followers of Jesus. This is happening in all countries of North Africa and the Middle East. While thousands of Christians have died, are being persecuted and many have fled to other nations, a “new church” is being born in the midst of this indescribable pain and chaos.

Commit for three months: August-September-October 2014 during which you will receive one or maximum 2 emails per week filled with prayer points.  READ MORE.

Boundless … the Whole World Praying is a year-long prayer initiative beginning on 1 July 2014 and concluding on the last day of the Salvation Army congress (Sunday 5 July 2015). In a message from General André Cox to Salvation Army leaders, Boundless … the Whole World Praying was described as ‘a wave of prayer that will roll over from one territory to another’, intentionally focusing Salvationists in continued united intercession for the Army, the world and in preparation for the congress. The initiative is a working out of the International Vision Plan mission points ‘We will unite in prayer’ and ‘We will deepen our spiritual life’, and the General’s message says the 2015 International Congress ‘is a timely opportunity to continue forward in these mission priorities’.  READ MORE.

The Net Cardiff Prayer.  A Net that provides a Network of people across churches of Cardiff working to bring hope and good news to the City.

They are very keen on networking prayer groups from across the City of Cardiff.   Anyone who is a part of one of The Net Cardiff Churches, or a Christian living in the Cardiff area is invited to join in praying for your street. They have joined forces with“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11.  READ MORE.

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network,

Private Bag X22, Lynnwood Ridge 0040, South Africa

Tel: +27-12-365 3213,,

For donations – Bank detail: ABSA Brooklyn,

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Cheque account: 15-0017-2688, Branch Code 335-345

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