Pray for “Coligny”

Pray for “Coligny”

“Coligny” is a symptom of something much deeper than just the burning of houses, street marches and angry crowds. There are too many accusations and simplistic answers. Many Christians ask: How do we pray in this situation? The following may serve as a few guidelines. I also put “Coligny” in brackets, because we have many “Coligny” and potentially “Coligny” situations in the nation.

Prepare your heart:

  1. Don’t pray with judgement, bitterness and hatred in your heart. Scripture is clear that God will not listen when we harbour such attitudes in our hearts.
  2. Do not come to God with accusations against other people in your heart.
  3. Do not come to God with pre-conceived ideas of what you think are right or wrong. Let God be the judge on that.

What to pray

  • Pray for the church. Preaching in the church over the past decades – in both black and white churches – was insufficient and did not help people to live according to the full extend and consequences of the teachings of Jesus. The things that are happening in Coligny can to a large extend be laid at the door of the church. There are black and white Christians in Coligny. We are however not living the gospel of peace, grace, reconciliation, forgiveness and love. To be a church member and even been born again do not have any meaning unless we walk the road Jesus showed us. Pray systematically through the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) and the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).This is a very effective way to pray for this situation. Pray it daily.
  • Keep praying for emotional healing from the past. The majority of the people in the country – this includes all ethnic groups – are still suffering from bitterness, fear, humiliation, abuse and rejection. Pray for emotional healing. In many places people from all ethnic groups are still operating in ways that keep these emotions alive.
  • Demonic forces. In this situation there are demonic forces of lawlessness, aggression and revenge at work. If we fail to see the real enemy, we will continue to fight the wrong enemy. One of the most basic elements in this struggle against the powers of darkness, is racism and ethnic pride that is deeply entrenched in the lives of people. We find racism in ALL people and in ALL ethnic groups. We have to take a stand and resist these forces in the Name of Jesus Christ. We have to resist and rebuke them. See James 4:7; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 and Jude 9. We need to take captive every thought that rises up against the knowledge of God and subject it to Christ.
  • Pray about corruption, political lies and ineffective management of municipalities. There is much frustration among people about service delivery, corruption in the highest government offices and unrealistic political promises that were made to them. Pray for corruption to be exposed. Pray that money that is allocated to municipalities will not be stolen or spend in irresponsible ways. Pray for qualified people that can do the work and that corrupt people will be removed from their positions.
  • Pray for conviction of sin. Pray that people will become aware of their own sin. Pray that all people – black and white – will come to an understanding of what is right and wrong. Pray that they will turn away from sin. (Joh.16:8-11).
  • Bless the nation. Do not pray with bitterness or a curse in your hearts. Pray Eph.1:3-4, Num.6:24-27 and 2 Cor.13:13 for the nation. (Presently there is a 50 Days to Bless our Nation initiative. 16 April to 4 June 2017. We encourage you to become part of it. Add the name Jericho Walls WA with the number +27817161203 to your contact list. Send a WhatsApp message (not sms) with your NAME and SURNAME to this number to be added to this initiative. You will receive a WhatsApp message from a Whatsapp Broadcast list every day untill 4 June 2017.
  • Take time to listen to the Holy Spirit. Ask God to speak to you through the Holy Spirit or in whatever way he chooses. Test what you hear. Anything that is not in line with love, grace, forgiveness or righteousness, is not from God.